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Calistoga wedding photography / Yonit & Rick

Yonit and Rick’s Calistoga wedding photography was a very special for me. I got to be the second photographer to Jared Alvarez, out of Fairfield. Lucky for him, he’s so close to Napa and Sonoma, he can cater to all the Sacramento peeps as well as the winery peeps. Jared was so incredibly chill to work with. So chill. He was the best primary photographer ever. He let me do what I wanted, while I watched him and complemented to what he was photographing. It was so awesome. I never get to second shoot on weddings. I so definitely enjoy it. It’s totally all about the details and the moments that the primary isn’t seeing. Or is seeing just in a different way, angle, lens choice etc. Plus it totally helps to see how the primary photographer is photographing and interacting with the client and others to learn from his/her example. Yonit and Rick were married late July at the Hans Fahden winery up in Calistoga. An amazing event at an amazing location. I love this place! Thank you Yonit and Rick (and of course Jared!) for allowing me to photograph your wedding (and I got to photograph a Studebaker! Hell yeah, me and my rusted out vintage cars, love ’em!)