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Whidbey Island Triathlon / Seattle / Jack

A couple weeks ago I vacationed for a few days in Seattle for my brother’s Whidbey Island Triathlon. My brother, who has never worked out a day in his life, until last year. My brother, who is the intellectual. My brother, who is a doctor in Sociology and works in research for a school district. I am so incredibly proud of him, jumping on the bandwagon for triathlons. 1/2 mile swim, 19.5 mile bike ride and a 3.8 mile run. He placed 161st with a swim time of  18.5; the bike – 1:18:15.7 and the run – 44:47.6. I’m so incredibly proud of him!

My nephew, Seth, loved being in front of my camera. My nephew, John, ran from the camera.

Our father made the trek from Arizona to come visit my brother as well. Photo courtesy of my brother’s beautiful wife, Kimberlee.