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Wedding Photography tips

I’ve been thinking a lot  on wedding photography tips, as I head into the 2011 season of weddings, I am so incredibly grateful for the clients that have chosen me to photograph their wedding stories. My clients choose me mostly because of the moments I capture, how I see, which is similar but vastly different from other wedding photographers. Or they choose me because of my passion for wedding photography, my demeanor and my excitement in learning about them (my clients). I don’t know of a client who has solely chosen me because of my pricing structure. I photograph a combination of medium format film and digital photography, although if you let me show you why medium format film is beyond amazing, I don’t think my clients would ever want just digital images. My pricing structure is available on my website. I don’t typically include a disc of high resolution images now in my packages, but the images are available for purchase. And as always, my packages are always custom designed for your vision of your wedding photography. Typically I love to see my clients have wall art, from a 50 image canvas, to a single image canvas, or a beautifully designed and elegant album to show your friends and family your wedding story. I have new options I will be delving into for wall art, as one of my friends is teaching me something similar to polaroid transfers. Now that’s going to be so freaking awesome! I came across this site the other day which is a venue coordinator talking about the importance of photography, not a wedding photographer, but a venue. I believe the post is very persuading. I also have a couple friends who used non-experienced photographers to photograph their weddings, and my friends are completely happy with their images. As a photographer I grumble about the light, the composition, the technical, while the moments maybe nice, I can understand why my friends are happy. I won’t force myself or my photography on anyone, as my clients already know I’m whom they want to photograph. If you inquire solely on my pricing structure and not because my vision pulls on your heart, then I already know I won’t be the one to capture the raw and subtle moments of your wedding story. My friends, Monica and Alex, who met me at Bean Hollow last year so I could play with film. They are amazing. I photographed their wedding in 2009, and I am so thankful our relationship has blissfully continued following the delivery of their wedding story.

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