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Visalia / Lake Tahoe wedding photographer

Last night in Visalia. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The farmers, the agriculture, the cows, the mentality. It is a time I shall never forget. Last moments of the Central Valley as by this time tomorrow I shall be attempting to sleep in 5000 ft elevation with views of Tahoe come tomorrrow. (please just get here already and let me done with it.) Yes months of planning, but not so much preparation, so I plan to make Tahoe my home as every time I’ve come to visit, I feel invigorated, inspired, and most of all at peace, the realization of my time in the U.S. Tahoe will be my home. I love it there, the opportunities to pass forth, the elevation, the water, the life, teh energy for me, I believe at this time in my life I will be coming home. Thank you.