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Vintage – Just Because

As I attempt to grasp what I’ve learned thus far here at WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International) annual conference in Las Vegas, I am overwhelmed with ideas and dreams and Oh-I-don’t-even-know-how-to-describe-it type sensations. I’ve never been a big fan of Vegas, and I’m slowly getting used to the mirror on the ceiling over my bed, but hey, I’m totally trying to live it up vintage Las Vegas style. I have so much to learn and do and accomplish in my career, I feel like I’ve barely begun on my path. I have so many dreams. I found out the other day about the Palm Springs Photo Festival last week, and I can’t even begin to tell you how I would love to attend Keith Carter’s workshop. I can’t afford it; I can afford the time and travel, but not the workshop. Oh how I would love attending his workshop. I always know in my heart, if I’m meant to make it happen, I will; I will find a way to attend. Same here with WPPI. I love the commraderie and meeting new people, whether thus far the brief moment of meeting Elizabeth Messina at the workshop line, or hearing my friends talk about seeing the Boutwells and John Michael Cooper at the West Wing Bar tonight, I’m in love with being inspired with so much I can’t even begin. I am so thankful I am here (wondering about this mirror above my bed, or the jacuzzi five steps from my bed) and all that I am thankful and willing to learn and appreciate my time while here.

Last week I went with my bright and shiny happy smiley face to Sierraville, because I wanted to take some photos (and attempt to begin the education of Sean with photography so he can eventually become my permanent 2nd shooter), here’s a frame I have as my desktop, and I’m digging it so much I wanted to share. (Never thought you’d see me do landscapes or buildings huh?) I love the detail along with the mystery and feel of this frame. But that’s all me. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for reading my continual evolution!