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Trust / Personal

I’ve been coasting along since June, not giving way too much stress to a future plan of my life and career. I’m enjoying what I’m doing, with time for myself, to understand, to reflect, to aspire. Thus the aspirations and drive in my personality with all the (go, go, go, don’t stop) is difficult to ignore, as it breeds inside and surfaces when it’s time to. Thus, it’s culminated. Now is the time. I’ve asked the cards, (yes I read Tarot) and my next plan of action is in the works. But it’s frightening. As with every move in my life. Am I making the right decision? Am I going to have to struggle? Can I make it work? I asked those same questions leaving my very first newspaper job to freelance in Phoenix. I ask them again. Thus remembering and learning, and also what I have already learned and putting it into practice. The only difference being between Flagstaff and Phoenix is 6000 elevation and I made time to make contacts in Phoenix before I embarked on that fun little 4 year experiment. Now I’m going with only my determination to succeed in my heart for my heart, for my life, for my happiness. Failure is not an option (as what I said to myself leaving Flagstaff). Thus I will make it so. (At least I hope and pray I can, plus the cards are never wrong). Trust in yourself, what you’ve learned, what you hope to achieve, and most of all, who you are. Yeah, it can be very difficult at times. I have faith. (But I’m scared shitless too) Gotta let go of the fear. It’s time. Honestly, it’s past time.