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Berkeley Botantical Gardens wedding / Tricia & Peter

Berkeley Botantical Gardens wedding of Tricia & Peter was so incredible! Tricia had gone out this particular evening with a friend and she happened upon Peter, who was having dinner with his mother at the same restaurant where Tricia and her friend were enjoying a relaxing day. Tricia had said to herself, “He is really Cute!” and as Peter was leaving the restaurant with his mom, Tricia’s friend pounded on the window saying, “She likes you!” Thus Peter came in and gave Tricia his phone number. Tricia had told me everything with Peter, the relationship was easy, they were both in the right place at the same time. It was so mesmerizing waiting for Tricia before she walked down the aisle at the Berkeley Botantical Gardens, the expectation of the culmination of the day, very, very exciting to watch and of course document. Their cocktail reception was held at Citron in Oakland with close family and friends. Very moving emotionally (in a good way) the closeness of their community. I loved every second of it.