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As I change my perception of my own personal direction in photography, I feel mixed emotions looking back on my very limited career as a newspaper photojournalist. I now think, that wasn’t was I made to achieve and do with my photography. But then I also look at my photography in the extent of “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m just trying to make good pictures and have fun.”
Thus leads me to my current state. I will be vacation the almost southern central valley of California to embark on my new (this is where I love and where I want to be, and by God, I will make it work) destination of Lake Tahoe, Calif. (Now who can beat skiing or snowboarding in the winter and hiking and biking in the summer) I love Lake Tahoe, I love that this is a place where I want to be rather than this is a place where the job will take me, cause guess what, there ain’t no job taking me to Tahoe, it’s just where I am going to make it happen.
I have three weddings this weekend in Soquel, Berkeley and Geyserville, and then embarking on the transition to Tahoe. Next likely post from Tahoe. (yeah I know…don’t you wish you were me, except for the coming diet of PB&Js.)