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A collection of tearsheets during my photojournalism career. 


This was an assignment that basically was just supposed to be mug shots of the top wrestlers heading to state. I loved my editor’s expression when I submitted this lead photograph…She said to me, “How did you get this?” I replied, “I told the coordinator of the wrestling match I needed to photograph these four guys for profiles, and the coordinator got them all together at the same time for me. They looked like superheroes to me, so I just went with it.”

Trying to see differently at a funeral. My DP loved this photograph.

My only major story for the newspaper. Since the story was not just about the reporter, and I would be making portraits, I asked if I could use my 4×5 that I recently had purchased from another co-worker, and I got the go ahead. This is was so fun setting up, and learning how to photograph with a 4×5 view camera.

I’m strongest at portraits (I don’t honestly know why), but I thoroughly enjoy coming up with real portraits that illustrate the story that emphasize one or two people.


When I freelanced for the Pleasanton Times (of the Contra Costa Times in East Bay), they loved to give me assignments that were picture pages. Those wild art pages were so fun for me to exercise different lenses and striving for the moments that I love most in features or wild art.