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Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve been on a whole blending kick this past week or so. I’ve found I can combine foods in smoothies, like when I make a salad. One of my favorite salads is watercress with raw beets, avocado, sprouts, red onion and a sweet miso dressing. So when I make the watercress smoothie, it’s with a juiced beet, two juiced apples, one bunch watercress and about 3 cups spinach. That is one amazing smoothie. I found wild watercress near to my home, so I’m discovering a whole new world of wild edible plants, herbs and weeds. Dandelion greens go great with pineapple, by the way. I’ve been feeling pretty yucky all winter, and now that Spring is here, it feels great to be juicing and blending veggies and fruits.

I’m currently reading an amazing book, Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. I have a few other books of hers, and the amount of research and information is amazing. In Green for Life, there’s a part that really sticks out to me. Boutenko states in the book that Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the 1931 Nobel Prize for showing that cancers thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen) or acid conditions. Meaning that the main cause of cancer is acidity of the human body. (Thus, love all that cooked food, from potatoes to burgers to cheese to milk to baked goods, such as breads etc. It’s all acidic) There are plenty of resources for understanding alkaline and acidic foods (but the crappier I eat, the crappier I feel, the more acidic my body is, just an fyi). Thus blending vegetables assimilates the nutrients so they’re more readily available and easier to digest than by chewing salads for example. The more alkaline my body is, the easier and better it is to function, and honestly I just feel better. Achieving that balance will always be a continual evolution, but I do have the determination and drive to be as healthy as I can be. I fully believe investing in blending the veggies is definitely providing me with much needed nutrients that my body needs. Now to achieve testing my ph in the morning and being slightly alkaline, that will be amazing.

On another note, film is such a beautiful thing. I love photographing with film. It’s amazing. From Ashley and Kevin’s wedding last month at CalNeva┬áLake Tahoe. Have a wonderful Easter and great Spring weather! Contact me for more information on being your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer.

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