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Round Hill Pines Beach / Tahoe Bleu Wave / Starr & Dan

First things first. Starr and Dan were freaking incredible to photograph! My friend and colleague, Brandi Schlagel, called me while I was in Flagstaff as she was in the hospital for gall bladder surgery, and asked if I could photograph her sister’s (Kim Iliffe) best friend’s wedding. (Of course?!?!?! Are you crazy? Of course!) It was a short and sweet Tahoe Bleu Wave cruise from Round Hill Pines Beach. One of many favorite aspects of Starr and Dan’s wedding, is that Starr was so worried about Brandi, as Brandi was so worried about missing Starr’s wedding, that when I came into the picture, I tried my best to put EVERYONE at ease. Seriously, I’ve photographed over 200 weddings in my years as a photographer, as one can probably read from previous posts of mine, when it comes to me, I just roll with it and capture how I normally see. Now, this was the first time on a cruise for me on Lake Tahoe, so I kind of went a little overboard, (not literally), as we sailed from Round Hill Pines Beach to Fannette Island in Emerald Bay for the ceremony. I cannot tell you how much fun in a short few hours I had photographing and experience Lake Tahoe by water. Starr told me she didn’t think she could stop smiling. I still wonder how her face felt the day after her wedding. Her smile was so enlightening so full of positiveness, I think I want to adopt her. And Dan, OHMYGOD! the way he would hold Starr’s face as they were together, made my heart melt. I am so extremely stoked for these two, and I am so thankful that Brandi thought of me to call to cover an event for her. Check out Brandi’s work here as she photographs a lot more than I do, and I know she’s doing great now post surgery, now if I can get her to teach me how to climb outside! that would be awesome! On a side note, welcome to my new blog, website and branding. Definitely check out the 55 second intro on the main website and feel free to look around. I’m so freaking stoked with Sara Zimmerman here in Truckee (keepin’ it local!) to help me identify me and my style of wedding photography. I am so blessed with such amazing clients. I am so happy. Thank you all for your support and kicking me when I need it!

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