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Sky / Morgan Hill Wedding Photography

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I photographed Belen and Diego’s Morgan Hill wedding. I can understand about 1 in every 10 words of Spanish, so I found it fascinating their entire Mass ceremony and reception was completely conducted entirely in Spanish. Thus I was challenged. Instead of relying on words to navigate my documentary coverage, I based everything on how I saw and how I connected with the moment instead of my sense of hearing. Fascinating challenge. I loved it. Side note- the other day I took a Bikram class and struggled through all of it, hacking up my lungs, total PMS mode, totally cranky, a couple times..I just had to release and cry. Bow pose was my best friend that day, because it was the most difficult for me and it made me cry. Literally. I am beginning to enjoy the experiences I have that are the most challenging and difficult for me. Evolution. I will ever be evolving to be a better person, a better photographer…better at everything, but first I feel I have to get to root of the problem and work up from there. Belen and Diego in Morgan Hill. So thankful they trusted my vision and let me photograph art with every ounce of my being..I thrive on life and everything it offers to me. Trust is such a blessing. Thank you.

Morgan Hill wedding photography