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September 11th

9 years ago on this day, I lived on Birch Ave. next to Thorpe Park in Flagstaff, AZ. I had a jack-and-jill bathroom with one of my roommates, Russ, (I think that was his name). Russ and I weren’t getting along in those days. I think he was more mad I was a girl who took up too much time in the bathroom. My boss, Jake, had called me that morning on my day off from working at the Arizona Daily Sun to have me cover for our co-worker, Greg, who was stranded in Texas, due to the cancellation of air traffic. A very very sad day. So much has happened to each of us in the past 9 years. So much learning, so much experience. So much change. I am humbled today. Very humbled and quiet. Today I will photograph Kristyn and Luc’s wedding at one of my favorite locations in Tahoe. But I still remember and I say my prayers for what I am thankful for this day 9 years later. One of the photos I captured on 9/11/01 in Flagstaff, Arizona at Northern Arizona University.