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San Francisco wedding photographer / Sal & Daragh

I am so excited to be Sal & Daragh’s San Francisco wedding photographer. I met up with a client on Sunday who is getting married at a gorgeous backyard venue in Sacramento on Sunday morning. So excited for their June 12th wedding! Luckily for me my friends Maria and Drew live very close to the 6/12 Sacramento wedding, and I was able to catch up on some much needed quality time with Maria and Drew (as he studies for his the finality of Law School!). Maria I went to explore old town Sacramento and I was telling her about Sal and Daragh’s wedding that I photographed Saturday in Nob Hill. I said, “Sal works with as a newscaster for Channel 2.” Maria exclaims, “Oh yeah! The traffic guy!” I don’t think I’ve ever watched the News in San Francisco, but I do think it’s funny how Sal is known as “The Traffic Guy”. As Maria said, “He’s everywhere, on TV on the radio…” So awesome to have photographed a local celebrity’s wedding in San Francisco, although lucky for me, since I’ve yet to see him on TV, He’s just Sal to me. Daragh is so sweet and lovable and adorable and I kept trying to talk into marrying me instead of Sal. Nope, she’s completely 100% in love withher best friend, Sal. So many tears, laughter and love to share soon. Here’s a preview.