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Reno / Berkeley Wedding Photography / Personal

Or Berkeley Wedding Photography….go figure. I haven’t had the opportunity to pick up my camera since I’ve moved to Reno, except for the wedding I photographed in Berkeley this past Saturday. I used to be pretty adamant about shooting everyday to keep the eye sharp, but I’ve discovered, when you take a break, you tend to be more creative when you shoot, you’re not as conditioned as much. I remember that when I moved to the Bay from Tempe about 5 years ago. I would shoot freelance assignments as creative as I could, because I could, and I was hungry and not conditioned to shoot one way. So I’m working on the creativity of my photography. In two days I take off for the Atlanta Photojournalism seminar, which I am so looking forward to. I feel the need to be amongst similar minded individuals, as my basis in photography came from photojournalism, and I need to keep my roots alive. I need to remember where I came from, where my belief is, and hopefully find the way to keep it alive here in Reno…and thrive on it. I’ve been waiting for two portfolios to come..and have yet to receive them….timing is of essence. I wish I had the time to put them together and receive them by my transition here. Alas, I probably need the time and space to work on my goals. Which I am so doing…but is weird cause there are so many little things to encompass the goal. Never thought about it before to the extent as I am. In the morning…maybe…off to the DMV to do all that needs to be done when moving to a new state. fun fun.