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Lake Tahoe engagement photography / Reinee & Seth

When I first met up at Sand Harbor a couple weeks ago with Reinee and Seth for their Lake Tahoe engagement photography, I knew instantly they were going to be my creative fun couple that would allow me to go outside-the-box with them for their photography. We met up at dusk on the Lake Tahoe’s west shore for some “trial” images, a chance to me to play with light and making light. This image is my trial “Ben Chrisman” style. One thing I love about browsing all day everyday (when given time) at other photographers’ work, is seeing an idea that will inspire me to elevate my own photography. I love Ben’s style, however it’s not my style, but I hope to use artificial light more and find a way that will make it my own. Lots of mileage, practice, and determination in my upcoming goals. Thank you so much Reinee and Seth for hiking with me, battling the cold and making me crave sushi! (I feel a trek to Drunken Monkey this week for some exquisite sushi) On a side note, I completed my first Master Cleanse last night. Kinda freaky to wake up this morning and realize I don’t have to do a Salt Water Flush or make the lemonade concoction. I created a frozen banana, strawberry with freshly juiced apple with some raw cacao powder smoothie for breakfast, and many more smoothies for the rest of the day, and my goal was to have a big veggie with lots of feta and garlic pizza tomorrow, and I still plan on it. Next MC cleanse: November for 30 days!