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Oakland – Just Because

I came down to Oakland yesterday to visit my friend, Amy, as well as photograph a wedding in Santa Clara. The wedding was awesome, I’ll have images to post soon, but also was looking for some creative time with my friend, who is also a photographer. The weather is seriously rainy today, and I’m always for the rain, although I’m currently sitting in front of the space heater attempting to dry out before my trek home to Truckee. We began the day by having breakfest at Thornhill Coffee House in Oakland Hills, which by chance (I had no idea) is Jules Bianchi’s studio. Jules definitely does some AMAZING work, and I loved peeking in the windows of her studio. Someday I’ll have a cool space to display my work and meet with clients….someday (I’m so dreaming!). Amy suggested we held out towards the Berkeley Pier for photos. There’s something about freezing with rain blowing into my left ear while walking to the end of the 3000ft pier to a gate, where about 100-150 feet at the end drop off into the water and the unmaintained remaining almost 2 miles of the pier disappear into the Bay. We froze, got completely soaked, made some cool photos and made our way back to Amy’s Acura with the heated seats. *sigh* A few photos of our escapade today. I have to do this more often…going out for fun and taking photos just for me. I drew inspiration for today’s shoot from¬†Kazuumi Takahashi; there’s just something about the chaos of the weather to make quiet photos. Rain has subsided…time to venture home.