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Nudeoir – WPPI

Last week I attended WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas. I’ve never been a huge fan of Vegas, and usually can only handle about 48 hours of the cigarette smoke and slot machines, but since my move to the Reno area, I’ve become a lot more accustomed to the environment. This year’s conference left me in a bundle of knots and strange realizations of my path in my career. From breaking down after hearing Jerry Ghionis‘ talk about shooting for the album and then showcasing his amazing work, to Sarah Petty’s Marketing workshop and Bob and Dawn Davis‘ lighting talk; from Jasmine Star’s ghetto marketing and of course, the best part – attending a Nudeoir Workshop with Carlos Baez. I’ll be expanding in addition to wedding photography, to photograph Nudes or Boudoir around and about Tahoe and the Nevada desert. (Email or call if you’re interested in exploring this adventure with me!)

After Jerry’s talk last Monday, I had a moment of complete devastation. Worrying about my career and if I’m on the right path. I dazedly walked through The Signature, purchased a $3 cup of coffee at Starbucks and continued towards the walkway back to the MGM stopping for a moment to sit and collect my thoughts (and a plan of action) before attending Sarah Petty’s Joy of Marketing Master’s Class. I glanced through the trade show floor plan looking for the camera bag companies so I could find a new camera bag following Sarah’s class. I then called my friend Brad and cried to him about my self-doubt in my career. He was great to talk to, having a friend I could call for some support. I went to Sarah Petty’s class, with massive stomach pains (too much coffee) and while taking notes, becoming completely overwhelmed on the marketing and business side of my life being self-employed. While feeling completely overwhelmed and in pain during the class, next thing I know is Sarah had placed a Shootsac in front of me. I had won the giveaway for the Jessica Claire designed camera lens bag. I was in shock, staring at this box that contained my new camera bag, it took all I had to not cry. I was and am so incredibly thankful that the universe supports me and helps guide me in my way. I’m pretty sure I’m on the right path in my life, and I am so thankful for the signs that are sent to me to help me when I’m down.

A few “safe” images from the Nudeoir Workshop of Carlos Baez.