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Nina – Lake Tahoe Senior Portraits

I met Nina and her mom when I travelled up to Quincy to visit my friend, Ingrid, and to play around photographically at the Fall Apple Pressing event. I happened into a conversation with Nina’s mom about Nina and her Lake Tahoe senior portraits. I remember telling her that when I photograph I strive to capture the personality of whom I photograph. I enjoy photographs that are real and show the relationship between people, as well as the personalities of each individual. I think I’m pretty good with bringing out my subject’s personalities when I photograph, which is why I enjoy photographing weddings so much because there’s so much emotion and stress throughout the day, I can tend to be invisible and capture the real story of this once in a lifetime event. Nina contacted me not long after to see if I was willing to photograph her senior portraits. I don’t photograph a lot of senior portraits, mostly because I feel there are so many photographers here in Tahoe, as well as Reno, that do a really nice job, and as I thrive on the interaction and relationship I build with my clients to capture them as they are, instead of a very posed, look at the camera, and smile type portraiture I’ve seen. I definitely remember my senior portraits, and if I had a clue back then, I would’ve wanted photographs that really captured my personality. Nina was all in for my vision. She sent me tons of photographs of what she liked photographically, and had a ton of ideas for her senior portraits. I was so freaking in. I love my clients when they have these incredible ideas that I get to evolve within my vision photographically. Nina and I planned for a couple hours up near her home (she already scouted locations she wanted to be photographed at) and also wanted to have some family portraits captured as well. I told her, “Tell your family to be who they are. I don’t want to see a myriad of white or black shirts with blue jeans. I want to capture everyone’s personality. Who they are. Be true to yourself and let me photograph you as you are.” I had such an amazing experience photographing Nina and her family, in addition to Nina’s senior portraits. So much fun, I want to do it again soon. If you’re looking for distinctive senior portraits, or even family portraits, drop me a line. I’d love to build upon your ideas.

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