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San Francisco wedding photographer / Monica & Alex

Alex and Monica were married at the Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley back in November when they chose me as their San Francisco wedding photographer. See their wedding photographs here. I was lucky enough today to visit them for lunch and see Alex’s cool loft in Oakland (and seeing the photographs I created from their engagement session all over their walls.) After a long week, very long, from attempting to obtain my alpine skiing Teacher Certification (which Squaw kicked my butt, and couldn’t ski to save my life; thus not obtaining my Certification, which will have to wait until next season when I can practice and hoping to ski better (!), a rehearsal dinner on Thursday night, a wedding on Friday (unbelievably awesome!) and another wedding on Saturday (equally awesome!), it was time to to take 10 minutes out in Alex’s loft to create some sexy photos of Alex with his bride. I love how Alex looks at his wife and how they interact together, it’s so endearing and what I wish someday I could have. Home sweet home now, and a ton of work ahead of me, but totally loving it (that I get to play for a living and not really work!)┬áHere’s one of my favorites. Enjoy and until next time!