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Northstar at Tahoe wedding / Melissa & Ryan

Melissa and Ryan live near DC and since Ryan’s family lives here in Truckee, they ventured into having a fabulous Northstar at Tahoe wedding.  I worked last winter in the kids’ ski school at Northstar, so I found it quite amazing to see the changes in the landscape since all I know was covered in snow. So funny for me to see all the mountain bikers and people flooding the Village in the summertime. I saw a few familiar faces from working last winter and still I found the whole day a little surreal. One of my favorite qualities in Melissa and Ryan, they were up for anything. From chairlifts to Smores to taking over the roller skating rink, a phenomenal day only a 15 minute drive away from my home.  Preview Melissa and Ryan at Northstar. More to come soon.