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Marin Headlands – Just Because

I fell asleep in the fog, amongst the whisper of stories untold. In my dreams, abrupt and disoriented, disarrayed chaos. No cell service, means no Internet, means a break from work. Officially off the grid for 24 hours. Peace and solitude overwhelms awakes new curiosity. Soccer on a basketball court. Yes. This I must capture. Doors open who knows where this rabbit hole goes. Through the fog towards the laughter. Hello and a glass of Charles Shaw Cabernet poured. An offer for dinner. The kindness of strangers. These moments of awakening, of direction are what I live for.





This post dedicated to Hussien Shakara and his amazing wife, Kara Davis, for welcoming me into their lives last weekend in the Marin Headlands. Photographs taken on my Mamiya 6 with Ektachrome 100, cross processed.