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Liz & Luke – Tahoe photographers – maternity

Liz is three days past her due date with her first child. Barring HIPPA, I plan on photographing her delivery. (Can’t wait to get the text when her contractions are 5 minutes apart!) ┬áThere are many photographs I look forward to capturing of Liz and Luke and the birthing of their first. So exciting to be included in this once in a lifetime event. So amazingly exciting. (They have no idea if the baby is a boy or girl) Here’s a quick photo of them totally being themselves in the baby’s room at their new home in Truckee. Liz and Luke are so profound for me to photograph. I say, “Hey, sit on the floor really close together.” And that’s it. They’re so real and honest for the camera. Maybe their nervousness of being photographed in such a position (as Liz does nothing but laugh when she’s nervous), or when they’re together in such a way, it’s like the whole world just stops and they can just be. It’s beautiful. So excited to one of many Tahoe photographers.

Lake Tahoe maternity photographer