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Lilley / Tahoe Baby Photographers

Lilley is getting so much bigger so fast. I love documenting Lilley’s first year as on of several baby photographers here in Tahoe. I’m loving these important moments within Lilley’s first year of life. Liz told me her husband’s parents were to coming to visit from the UK. I knew this was a moment I wanted to be there for. Shep’s parents coming all the way from England to finally meet Lilley. Lilley is now 8.5 months old. Caroline and Martin laughed with me, as they commented that I was Liz and Shep’s official photographer. Well, maybe Lilley’s. 🙂

First reactions of Caroline and Martin meeting Lilley.

Tahoe baby photographers

Always the moments I enjoy… seeing Shep get all teary eyed over the excitement of his parents coming to visit. Shep tells his parents, “Heidi loves to photograph me when I cry.” Yep, I totally do. I love documenting the happiness in your lives.

Tahoe baby photographers

I love so much watching (and interpreting her expressions) Lilley. “Aunt Heidi, what’s up with all this excitement, can you explain it to me?”

Tahoe Baby photographers

I’m so incredibly thankful for this family. I am so incredibly excited to see Lilley’s evolution this first year of her life.