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Liana – Birth Delivery Photography

Happy Mother’s Day! Nothing better that to share Mother’s Day with a new mom! Liana gave birth to Shayla May this past Wednesday, and I think it’s a toss up between what I like photographing better – weddings or births. Time will tell, as I thive in both mediums. You might recognize Liana as she is one of Liz’s closet friends, and helped Liz through her birth of Lilley back in December. (Check out the blog here for the birth of Lilley). Now, 6 months later, I was so honored to document the birth of Shayla May. This was the first time I met Liana’s husband, Sean, and her mother, Dorothy. Liz and I caravaned to the hospital at 2am that morning. Liz woke me up with call saying, “It’s time.” And nothing like cruising to Liz’s house, and telling her when I arrive, “Hey, I feel like I just snuck out of my house to go to a boon docker. ” “Time to party,” I’m thinking driving to the hospital.

I definitely and will always admire women who can birth a child. Such an amazing experience as I listen to Liz give Liana advice, “Just picture Shayla May coming out and hearing her cry, and holding her, meeting her for the first time.” It was so cool to listen to all the support from Liana’s mom, Liz and Sean saying, “You got it kid.” I definitely want to record the audio next time. When Shayla was born, she was whisked over to a nearby table to get cleaned up, and Sean got to cut the umbilical cord to Shayla’s tummy. Nothing like seeing Sean’s face as he gazes upon his newborn daughter in his wife’s arms, seeing and experiencing all the sweet happy emotion. So unbelievable. The nurse, I think her name was Kristina, helping Liana show Shayla how to latch on to breast feed, Liana’s parents photographing, and the hustle of Liana’s mid-wife along with doctors and nurses. So mind blowing. Thank you so much Liana for having me photograph your baby girl. Congratulations Sean! Interested in having me photograph your birth delivery? Contact me for information and talk details!

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birth delivery photography

Birth Delivery Photography

birth delivery photography