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Letitia & Omar – San Jose Wedding Photography

Letitia & Omar were the most perfect couple for photography for their San Jose wedding. They were married at my favorite winery in south bay, at Léal Vineyards in Hollister. I hadn’t photographed at Léal in years, but I totally remember how phenomenally gorgeous it is. The reason I love all the couples I photograph is because every couple is completely different in how they interact with each other.  Especially how they interact with each other in front of the camera. With Letitia and Omar, they are so real, so much in love, and every photograph is so obvious showcasing their love. Photographing their wedding was completely mind blowing to me. I loved them. I loved their site. I loved they were game for pretty much everything, even going for a little fishing boat ride when the mosquitoes came out to eat following sunset. They opted to have most of their photographs taken before their ceremony. Wait until you see Omar’s face when he sees Letitia coming down the aisle. Holy wow. I’m in awe. I’m in bliss. Oh wait, one of the best cakes I had was at their wedding, Burnt Almond Cake…holy wow…there are a few bakeries in San Jose that create this cake, and it is definitely to die for, it’s that good. Thank you so much! 🙂

Letitia details Leal Vineyards Hollister

Letitia details Leal Vineyards

Leal Vineyards first see

Hidden Room Leal Vineyards

Leal Vineyards Lavender blooming wedding

Leal Vineyards bathtub

Leal Vineyards Ceremony

Wedding couple walk Leal Vineyards

Leal Vineyards wedding party

Leal Vineyards bath tub

Leal Vineyards barrel room cake kid

Leal Vineyards first dance toast

Leal Vineyards Barrel Room dancing

Leal Vineyards reception barrel room

Leal Vineyards barrel Room smores reception

Leal Vineyards fishing pond

Leal Vineyards couple antique car