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Zephyr Cove wedding / Laurie & Drew

Weather’s looking good as I leave my home in Truckee down to South Lake Tahoe to photograph Laurie & Drew’s Zephyr Cove wedding. Made it to Laurie’s getting ready location an hour early (which I love). I walk around Lakeland Village looking for a location for their “first see” and do some bridal party portraits. Wedding on beach, thus I figure looks like we’ll play on the pier. (I’m digging the benches, thinking some fun cool stuff). Weather’s looking a little dark and cloudy over Carson City. Eh. Still a gorgeous day. Inside to photograph Laurie getting ready with her bridesmaids. 2.5 hours later I emerge to find Drew who’s missing and we’re just about ready for the first see. (Last minute craziness that’s all due to a wedding) Uh Oh. Dark rain filled clouds are coming closer as I look out towards Heavenly to my south. Hey no problem! First see and bridal party portraits go off so freaking smoothly. Even darker clouds are moving in towards the northeast. Rain plummets Round Hill Pines Beach where Laurie and Drew were having a sunset ceremony. South Lake, eh, no problem, few sprinkles. 7:15pm rolls in and we’re all heading off to Round Hill. Laurie and Drew are going to do this. My text to Laurie :Drew was right! It is going to be an incredible sunset!!! Laurie’s text back: lol yes it will!! OH.MY.GOD freaking insanely exquisite. Which is why I love Tahoe and Laurie for being the least stressed out bride in such weather conditions (all she did was laugh slightly nervously). Preview. Laurie & Drew sunset Round Hill Pines Beach, Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe.