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Scott’s Restaurant wedding photography / Laniee and Roger

I set up my desk in front of the window in my bedroom, and as I watch the snow come down covering my backyard in white, my bright and shiny happy smiley face rests from a nasty cold, that I somehow don’t have worse than him. (Must be all the stuff I take for my immune system). I’m dying to get out in the backyard and make some photos of Sean, but I have to wait until he feels better. Thus nothing like being snowed in to get blogging on Laniee and Roger whom I photographed in January in San Jose at David’s Restaurant. Laniee was so sweet, very watchful of me, which I always find interesting of most brides I photograph. She was very curious to see how I would react to Roger’s massive family, (where when formal type photos always become interesting due to all the possible combinations). I let Roger’s father tell me and direct which photos he wanted of the family. Always completely happy to oblige. But it was funny, Laniee watching me and me catching her watching me, and me smiling my little knowing smile of I’m-here-to-make-everyone-happy-so-I-ain’t-stressing-out-about-all-the-portraits. ┬áLaniee and Roger are so funny; they love being silly with each other; making blowfish faces and cracking each other up. Me and Sean do that sometimes, but we more make each other laugh with zerberts and overly being silly aggressive with each other. I do treasure the time I have with Sean in the winters, as summertime will come and he’ll go away back to San Diego and I won’t see him again until October. *sorry* got distracted there. I had so much fun at Laniee and Roger’s wedding, the silliness, the communication between Laniee and I without speaking a word to each other, and her knowing I understood, with the expression of “Don’t worry about it, just roll with it and have fun”. It was awesome. Congratulations on Laniee and Roger and to your new one coming up here very soon! Thank you so much for allowing me into your lives for your wedding! Thank you so much!