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Kelsey & Bo – Engagement Session – Preview

Kelsey and Bo ventured out to Donner Lake and to the Summit to play on the rocks and in the tunnels for their Truckee engagement session. Nothing like taking a windy hike up to the Summit Tunnels and be amazed at the climbers scaling the wall in the 40 MPH winds over the summit. Kelsey and Bo will be getting married in Graeagle in November, and I’m so incredibly stoked about their wedding. They are so much fun to play with, where Kelsey’s all over going for the risk for photos, and Bo is more the cautious one. ¬†You two make me ready for winter, and I’m still waiting for my spinach and squash to show up in my garden! Yes, I’ve eaten all the radishes, but no sign of the beets either! Can’t wait for November to finish off the summer wedding season for their I-can-only-imagine-how-freaking-cool-their-wedding-will-be, it’s officially snow season! Oh yeah, I’m so ready!