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Monte Verde Inn Wedding / Katie & Ben / Foresthill, California

Just a few things I learned of Katie and Ben at their Monte Verde Inn wedding in Foresthill. I’m in love with Katie’s Mom and Dad. Mom said she loved me so much, she’s willing to drive me to her other daughter’s wedding in Colorado Springs whenever Allie and Dan decide it’s time to tie the knot. Katie’s dad’s favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. So is mine. I could live for weeks on the yummy summer goodness of the strawberries drenched in whip cream and it don’t matter if it’s angel food cake or pound cake, they’re both the bomb. Luckily though for me, I can satisfy my weekly cravings by buying a huge 64 ounce container from Costco. But the strawberries off that little road side stand on Shaw Ave. between Clovis and Sanger has the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever had. Yes I’m having a rare moment of missing Fresno. Okay it’s passed. Allie’s soon to be fiancé, Dan, HATES his photo being taken. Don’t ever tell me that at a wedding. You will become my challenge to make sure I steal your soul with my camera. Oh yeah, no worries. Dan’s at the end of the montage! Katie and Ben have the incredible moments of tenderness and adoration, it melted my heart like melting whip cream on strawberry shortcake. Yep, Katie, whenever I need a lawyer, I’m calling you Sunshine! You are awesome and amazing and so incredible! Oh yeah, Katie and Allie’s Mom – I’m ready for a trek to Colorado Springs. Pack me up, feed me strawberry shortcake and you’ll never get ride of me!