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Lake Tahoe wedding / Karen & Justin

Karen and Justin’s Lake Tahoe wedding was absolutely freaking phenomenal at Edgewood Tahoe. I wish I could explain everything I felt and experienced from their rehearsal dinner to the oldies music during the reception. Un-freaking-believable. I challenged myself in a couple ways coming with with feasible ideas for their wedding photography. First idea was more film photographs. And I did photograph a few with my Mamiya 6. Second, and more plausible was light, using a lot more studio light. Which is what I did. There were challenges, of course, outside was windy and slightly stormy, thus the studio light outside was impossible. So all inside at Edgewood I used studio light. And it was so fun. I had such an unbelievable time with Karen and Justin. Here’s a quick preview, without studio strobes, during the first see of Karen and Justin with phenomenal weather. More to come.

Edgewood Lake Tahoe