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Meeks Bay wedding photography / / Heidi Huber Photography

Justine and Paddy’s Meeks Bay wedding photography was a Godsend to me. I’ve had a really, really tough week. One of those weeks where I’ve felt I without purpose, lost, still floundering, frustrated with trying to figure out what my path is in photography. Really tough week when a couple weeks ago I felt I was making progress and taking those must needed steps forward that I needed in my life. Then I was shot down so unexpectedly, I was immediately lost. No idea what my purpose is in my life. I find it very interesting how the universe will present an opportunity to me and then take it away almost immediately..Kinda shell shocked. Still have to realize or be aware of what that purpose was. So in moments when I’m lost, I always ask the universe or God or whomever or whatever I have faith in to give me a very smack-me-upside-my-head-very-obvious sign of my path, or what my path is supposed to be. Justine and Paddy’s was so perfect. Such a light where my timing, my light, my direction, my 2nd ¬†photographer and my assistant were so freaking right on, so perfect, I could not ask for a better day, a better wedding, better weather or a better couple to allow me into their lives and capture all those emotions, details and moments that happen faster than a slam dunk (and today I realized why I loved my timing in photographing prep, college or pro basketball). So freaking right on, it’s scary. Beautiful light (and I checked the weather and knew Saturday 9.10.11 was going to be insane!), beautiful weather, everything was so freaking right on yesterday, even those that know me really well will never know how thankful I am for 9.10.11 and the direction I was given. Thank you Justine and Patrick. You have no idea. More to come. Photographed at Meeks Bay Resort and Marina.

Meeks Bay Resort Wedding photography