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Jolene – Maternity – Preview

I’m very thankful for my clients who teach me new things every time I photograph. Jolene is person I am very thankful for. I photographed her 3 months pregnant during a Carlos Baez workshop at WPPI this past February or March.

I had the opportunity to photograph her 8 months pregnant yesterday morning as I succumbed to understand why I was seeing so much of God’s Light in Vegas on Monday night and Tuesday morning. ¬†She is inspiration to me, loving her pregnancy, her body, and her openness to be taught by her coming child. She was originally going to name her baby Sarah, but awoke one morning in bed with her husband with the name Sephra adamant in her head. She believes her baby was speaking to her while she slept. Sephra fits for the coming life she will behold late August.

Jolene at El Dorado Canyon in the Nelson, Nevada ghost town Tuesday morning.