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Janice Dickinson / Reno Vanity / Reno Fashion Show

I hate wearing black. When I began photographing weddings in 2004, I wore black. I wore black until 2007 or ’08. But when Anicia Beckwith of Pixella Productions said all photographers for the Reno Fashion Show hosted by Janice Dickinson (Reno Vanity Entertainment) needed to wear black for the event, I obliged. I’ve never been so happy to wear black in my life. I persuaded (how, I have no idea!) Anicia to let me go backstage to photograph the “behind-the-scenes” instead of photographing the actual fashion show. My documentary background self was in heaven. Holy Wow. I had so much fun disappearing into the black and capturing the nervousness, the waiting, the light, the excitement backstage at the Reno Fashion Show. In 2005? 2006? I photographed a wedding at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. I remember the coordinator telling me that most photographers have difficulty with the darkness of the venue. Me? The darker the better. I love challenges. It was helluva dark backstage at the Grand Sierra Resort. I was forced to “see the light”. I was in heaven. Amazing event. Amazing fun. Love getting back to my documentary roots.