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Edgewood wedding / Jane & Logan / South Lake Tahoe

In late February, I was (am) blessed by the way my grooms gaze upon their brides especially during Jane & Logan’s Edgewood wedding. I feel so overwhelmed with love and completeness watching my couples look at each other. Logan is so incredibly respectful and supportive of Jane, it was so amazing to photograph. They were married on a Thursday at Edgewood, which in February, one would think be completely snowed in, but alas, it was a nice spring weather day with most of the snow melted (unlike lately, which we’ve been going back and forth between winter and spring, and it’s June already!) They were so awesome, and many thank yous out to Melanie (close friend of Jane’s), who acted as event coordinator, and almost physically forced me to party with them after my photography coverage was completed. (I’m joking Melanie, but definitely love you for being so welcoming to me!) Many gracious blessings to these love birds. ( I want nieces and nephews Jane! Hurry up and get to it with that sexy voice of yours!)