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Holga – BattleBorn Showdown – Just Because

Saturday, May 29th, I didn’t have a wedding to photograph, as Sunday the 30th I did down in Foresthill. I thought as I gazed out into my backyard that I needed to play with the Holga. I needed to photograph Something (!). Back in the day when I lived in Livermore or even in Lafayette (Bay area), I freelanced quite a bit for the Contra Costa Times and the Tri-Valley Herald (back in 2005, ’06 and ‘o7), as well as photographing weddings. I think I photographed 6 days a week, and I loved it. I could’ve photographed more if there had been enough time. I was living and breathing photography, I saw photographs everywhere. Now as a business owner, a lot of my time is spent on building my business, organizing, working on getting more business, marketing, advertising, and most importantly, client relations (customer service). Now when I have a day off from the computer, yep, let me go explore and play. Let me photograph the world around me, the details, the moments, the LIFE as it moves around me and interacts with me. These days I treasure. The days to sleep in and the days to get up early and go find something new (to me) around me. Get out and smell the roses as many would say. (In my case, breathe the pine trees and fresh air and the energy of life).

I went to Virginia City on May 29th to photograph and explore the BattleBorn Showdown, since my hair stylist (extraordinaire) – Stephanie Pierce of Epic Salon,  had said, “Hey come check this out.”  A few that I liked from my exploration of Virginia City and the BattleBorn Showdown. (Oh yeah, it WAS a Saturday and lucky me, I stumbled upon a wedding during my exploration. Nothing like capturing a frame from a wedding on Holga!)