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York Harbor wedding photography / Heidi & Trevor

It was a gorgeous and hot day on that Friday, Saturday was cold, drizzly and soon to be rainy for Heidi & Trevor’s York Harbor wedding photography. What can one do when God decides to show his happiness in whimpering tears for Heidi and Trevor’s wedding? We had such a great day, regardless of the rain. The ceremony took place on the deck of the Dockside Guest Quarters, instead of the grassy lawn. (Mosquitos were sooooo loving me on this trip!) Very close quarters as the guests stood very close to the tiny space where Heidi and Trevor said their vows. I wouldn’t have missed her wedding for the world, such happiness and tears and love. Such joy! I had such a great time reconnecting with her two sisters and finally meeting her brother and her parents. Even hanging out with old friends that raise hell as I raise hell back. (muhahhahah!) Heidi, Trevor and I finally were able to venture out sans rain to make photographs following their wedding (when the mosquitos were so out and about raising hell!) Thank you Heidi and Trevor for bringing me out from Tahoe to photograph your amazingly phenomenal wedding. Now come visit me! You ain’t been to Tahoe yet!