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Heidi & Trevor / Preview / York, Maine

Heidi and Trevor. A preview from with me as their York Harbor wedding photographer. I met Heidi 9 years ago while working at the Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff, Ariz. It was my first newspaper gig, and I had a lot to learn in life. A lot. Heidi worked at the weekly of the Arizona Daily Sun: FlagLive. Periodically in the newspaper world, us photographers for the Daily had to shoot for the weekly or the magazine. Looking back now, I wish I had taken a huge interest in architecture and lifestyle photography, (ie details, business portraits, etc). But I was a photojournalist at the time, loving the in-the-moment photography of newspaper world (ie. Fires, accidents, accidents, features etc.). Heidi is a photographer too. She has this incredible talent for fine art, gallery show, mixed media photography. And her composition is freaking incredible. Heidi was in school at the time, and we’d frequently take days to go explore and play with flash, landscape, and model photography. When Heidi graduated, she moved to St. Croix with her boyfriend and two years later moved back to Flagstaff. A year after that she moved to be with her sister, Noel, in New Hampshire/Maine area and has been there ever since. Heidi and I have been very close friends for the past 9 years. We’ve learned a lot from each other and we help each other grow.

There are many times I remember how difficult life was for her moving to Maine with boyfriends. She’s such a beautiful person, and she seemed to either pick really great guys in her life that would’ve been good for her or pick bad guys that treated her very poorly. I’m very protective of her and always want only the best in my intuitive way with my friends. When she met Trevor, they definitely clicked the way a couple is supposed to click (in my head). They are both artists, they support each other in their goals, as the travel along parallel paths, and they’re partners, friends. I feel very confident after their wedding yesterday that Trevor is the perfect man for her (now I just have Heidi’s two little sisters to worry about now!). I mean he kept looking at me (and I knew I wanted him to cry) and he was so freaking close to crying until Heidi sauntered through the doorway onto the porch of the The Dockside Guest Quarters in York, Maine, totally laughing and breaking the tension and emotional aspect of their rain filled wedding day.

A preview of Heidi and Trevor in the rain yesterday. More to come soon.