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Heidi & Trevor – Moody Beach, Maine

A little preview of Heidi and Trevor with Moody Beach photography, before their wedding. One of the great things about where I live and where I hope to never have to move away, is the fact that when I do come back to Tahoe, I feel completely at peace with the elevation, the scenery, the lifestyle. As it is, it is a 2 hour drive to the Sacramento airport or 40 minutes to Reno’s airport. So when I come home from the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento or even Reno, once I reach a certain elevation, the peace comes back to me, and I look around me happy with the decisions I have made that have led to where I live now and the direction my life is taking. I never want to leave. Travel yes, but live and call a place home, Tahoe, yes, it is me. Life is a struggle, always has been for me, but every struggle for me, every complication has helped me to learn and grow, as a person, and as a photographer. Anything I can do or ask to be better person and photographer, to learn, and continuing learning, will help me achieve my enlightenment and always help others who want to grow as well. I love moments. I live for moments between people, observing the interaction, playfulness, all of it, helps me to understand the very diverse complexity of human nature a bit more.

I’m in Maine currently. It’s amazing here. I take a vacation from one very touristy location for another. My good friend from my first job at a newspaper in Flagstaff, Arizona, Heidi (the first Heidi I’ve met and made my friend) is very very dear to me. I love her (and her sisters with all my heart), is getting married on Saturday. She has allowed me to take a break from the beautiful place I live to come to a very different, but very equally beautiful Maine (where I have visited quite a few times to see her) for her wedding.

Heidi and her fiancé, Trevor, on Moody Beach in Wells, Maine Thursday, July 8th, 2010.