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Halloween / Lucky S / Ghost Town Photography

Ghost Town Photography is the best way for me to spend Halloween. I’ve dressed up four times for Halloween in my life. I remember each time, because all of my costumes weren’t very good. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was for a “Pimp ‘N Ho” ball in Las Vegas when I went with friends years ago. Because I wasn’t raised trick or treating and dressing up, it’s always been very difficult for me to get into the Halloween mode. I adore my friends who love to get all costumed up and look awesome, but for me I have never really gotten into it. So for the “Pimp ‘N Ho” ball in Vegas, I dressed as Grace Kelly, all glamoured up, while every girl I saw was actually dressed as a Ho. I didn’t know girls actually wore basically nothing at a Pimp ‘N Ho ball, but then thinking about the name of the party….light bulb finally goes on…oh yeah. Duh. Halloween is definitely a great day to photograph, I love it, the costumes, the makeup, the wigs, the behavior. It’s awesome. This year I voted for something definitely different. While children go to haunted houses, trick or treat, and adults dress up in various themes, I ventured out to a real ghost town in Plumas County, Lucky S Mining Town. (Plus I had two venues I wanted to check out for events next week and next May). Not that easy to find. Lucky S has 9 buildings, various residual effects of campers and electricity (in the buildings) and a totally creepy feel. Maybe it’s because I drove out on Halloween, after a rain on Saturday, with clouds and wind. One of the buildings I walked in to take some photographs (the one with the chair, and the mattress standing a 45ยบ angle) I actually called out “Hello?” a couple times, to see if anyone was there. Even though I didn’t receive a reply, I still felt like someone or something was there, letting me freak myself out. Plumas County is definitely my favorite county (that I’ve visited) in California. It’s amazingly beautiful, with ranch lands, mountains and trees and creeks and streams. If Plumas wasn’t so far away from Tahoe, I’d totally live there. I mean, Quincy’s got two grocery stores and an amazing natural foods store, while Truckee has the same, although New Moon could be bigger with more product and less expensive, but Quincy only has 5000 people. Truckee has 14,000. I’m just sayin’. I love where I live, definitely, always, but it really does suck to drive down to Reno to go grocery shopping. A few of my favorite images from Lucky S on Halloween.