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San Francisco Wedding Photographers / Gratitude

San Francisco wedding photographers perspective about Thanksgiving. I got to skate ski a little bit at Tahoe Donner before teaching some amazing children last Thursday. Then I tried to skate on my classic stride skis and fell flat on my face. It was so awesome! Amazing, I was only embarrassed for about 10 seconds, and as I dusted off the snow, I realized everyone falls on his/her face a few times in life. Brush it off and move on. Learn from the past, apply those lessons towards the future, and do everything to live in the present. 5 days so far this season on the snow. This is the first year I’ll actually count how many days I skate or snowboard or classic or alpine ski. And maybe, just maybe I’ll gain enough energy to try to telemark this year. Everyday I learn something new. Everyday. On November 20th I photographed Connie and Jasper’s wedding in San Francisco. I had met them at my favorite place in San Francisco (besides Pacific Catch), Philz Coffee. OH MY LORD! I believe meeting Connie and Jasper stoked my new passion for Philz’ Mint Mojito. Plus Connie and Jasper are so incredibly easy going, and my favorite, they laugh..ALL THE TIME. It’s phenomenal. I love couples like them who met through Eharmony. They totally lucked out on their wedding day, as it was sunny and a bit windy in San Francisco, while dumping snow in the Sierras. Rumor has it massive thunder and rain storm the Saturday night of their wedding, but we were all inside, so we totally lucked out. So as I nurse my half broken body (not ski related, more dryland training, running and shoveling – I burned 1200 calories in 3 hours last week shoveling snow, and of course busted my back) and prepare for a morning ride at Northstar before venturing into my healer, Eric, my manual therapist, who is amazing and glues me back together. I am so thankful for every lesson I have learned, every lesson I will learn, the people I encounter in my life quest of happiness, those who challenge me, who make me cry, those who make me laugh (What did the ghost say to the bumble bees?), those who make me wonder, who make me smile, those that pull at my heart strings, those who inspire me to listen to contemplative music (Sweetest Kill – Broken Social Scene and Sorrow – The National), and everyone and everything in between I am so freaking thankful. Thank you for allowing me to experience life and all it has to offer.

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