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During the reception of the Gigi’s and Anthony’s wedding last night, Anthony’s step father came up to me, (he was also the officiant during the ceremony), and asked if I had gone to Brooks. I wish I had gone to Brooks, but my parents nor I could afford the $18000 a year in tuition. And that’s just tuition. I was a little stumped why he thought I went to Brooks, and he said he is a psychologist and had been watching me work throughout the day. I guess the way I work is very similar to what he’s seen of Brooks students. He had tears in his eyes as he thanked me for all my hard work, and it was so heart-felt, my heart lurched, and got a little choked up. I told him I really just enjoy making great pictures of the weddings, photos that I hope they will enjoy just as much as I loved capturing them. At the end of the night, here’s Gigi with her father.