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Ghost Towns – Just Because

Sometimes, just because I can, and because of friends’ influences, I take a break and just go PLAY. Yesterday was one rarity of day when my friend Ingrid and I went to explore a ghost town in Plumas County. I love ghost towns. I really need to get out to Bodie again and soon. I love the details, the decay, the mystery, the newness of discovery. I think the going out and just playing with my camera, especially with people I like and admire, like Ingrid, allows me to be true to myself. Growing and learning, being curious, these things I love. It’s helps me to strive for what I want and need in my life for my ultimate goal HAPPINESS. Since my move to Truckee this winter, I’m definitely experiencing more and more of this, but like any photographer or person, I have doubts in myself (Is this photograph how I see it? Do I have time to make it how I want to? What do I need to change?) Time is a big issue with me. I wish I had more time, especially when I photograph my clients. I love my clients and how they appreciate my vision, and love their photographs, but I always wish I had done more, or did this differently, or that, or something. I’m a perfectionist. My curse. Life is the journey right? How will I feel when I ARRIVE? Wow. Hopefully on top of the world and still completely humble. I love what I do, I love my clients, I love my play time, my me time (no, not a McDonald’s commercial) I love watching my couples interact. I love capturing the tears and joy and laughter. I love it, all of it. I am so blessed and SO THANKFUL for what I have been given, what I have learned, how I ALWAYS want to learn and learn from my mistakes. All of this is a big part of me. Thank you.