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Friend Photographer?

I recently photographed a contract wedding where I was hired for about 6 hours, and the bride and groom were such a beautiful couple, and in my time at their event, I made some really nice images (to come later), but with the hours I photographed, I was to miss a ton of reception activities, which is always disappointing to me, because I’m one a crazy photographer who likes to document the couple’s entire day, and live their experience through my eyes. When my time was finishing up, I approached the bride, and asked, “Would you like me to stay?” And she replied, “No, that’s okay, I have my friend here to photograph the rest of the reception.” I had paid a bit of attention to her friend who had duplicated most of my images throughout the day, and I was concerned about the quality of the photos, but I know better and know when to let things go. I just read this article at Seattle Bride about friend photographers. I definitely invite every bride who believes they can skimp on their wedding photography to read it.┬áMore to come, stay close, lots of updates to come very very soon.