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Lake Tahoe / Fine Art Exploration

One of my favorite subjects to photograph when I’m not photographing a couple’s love story on their wedding day in Lake Tahoe, is old buildings and cars. Ghost towns in Nevada and California are amazing to go explore, wondering why a ghost town became a ghost town, how did they survive in this remote location, wondering about life in general. There is something extremely therapeutic to me to only hear the crackle of the leaves underneath my feet as I tiptoe and the wind whispering through the trees, as if the trees were talking about me, wondering what I’m doing, watching me delicately searching for the light, and the subject. The names of the towns are so poignant as well. From Last Chance, to Lucky S to Wonder and Stillwater. Ghost towns in Arizona are amazing as well, from Vulture City to Nothing and a zillion I have to explore at some point in southern Arizona. As “Fine Art” is an artist’s vision using the artist’s choice of artistic medium, I don’t know if I can consider the dust and lost places and things as “Fine Art.” Currently, I would say welcome to my exploration in vision. From my introduction and 8 years in newspaper photojournalism, to the documentary wedding coverage, and now exploring, being curious, wondering, living and breathing, failing, rising, whatever life is and its choice for me, I’m curious to see what happens. To purchase a piece or two of my exploration “artwork”, check out what I’ve been working on the past couple years, with much to learn and explore, and maybe even have a piece or two to hang on your walls. Life is what you make it. Enjoy every moment, the happiness, the slowness and solitude, the anxiousness and stress, and every moment in between. Stay curious. To purchase prints, canvases, and wall mounts go here. Some is film and some digital, and the collection will continue to grow as I explore.