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Film / Maternity photography

Holy wow. There’s something about film that amazes me. It’s been so long since I’ve actually shot with it on a paid basis. Honest. The simplicity of digital. But the quality is freaking outstanding. I’m going back to film, the mood, the texture is so who I am as a person and a photographer. Expect me to make the complete convergence by 2012 to film, medium format, to really show who I am as a person, as a photographer. A film post from my family shoot with my high school friend a couple weeks ago. This is her daughter Avery. Amazing young girl. I cannot wait to see what and who she evolves to be in the near future. She is amazing. I love this 13-year-old girl. As I’ve said in an previous post, I still think Avery came from my eggs and not Jessica’s. It’s an outstanding joke with me and Jessica.

Avery, 13 years and a whole world to accomplish before her. Many successes and failures and experiences on her life path. She is the world to me. Jessica’s whole family is.

No post processing on this image. Direct from Richard Photo Lab to resized for this post. Film. Amazing.