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Faith – Searching Within

I had an extremely in depth conversation with myself last night. More a conversation with my spirit or my intuition while I was asleep. While I was staying with my friend Monica this weekend, she had proposed her belief to me in Faith. Whatever you might believe in, God, yourself, Buddha, The Trinity, your intuition, the World, etc. Faith. A higher belief in Truth. A belief that it will work out, whatever “it” may be. Life. Love. Relationships, Work, Health whatever. I have an absolute faith and confidence in who I am and what I love to do for a living. My photography is so incredibly important to me. My ability to allow myself to succumb to the emotions and revel in them in my choice of photography – weddings and art. I have an absolute faith in my health. I have faith and trust in what I need to do to be completely healthy. I am in the process of trusting in that path, and my intuition of what I need health-wise. If my choices in my health do not prove to be a self-realistic path, then at least I tried. (If you don’t at least try, then it’s always an option to give it a go to see if it works.) Like with any sort of addiction to laziness or self-deprecation, there is always a way out to follow your truth..your destiny. If you fail once, try again or if the doors keep slamming shut, there is always a window open somewhere. Sometime you just have to think outside the box…think outside of what you’re used to. In any sort of serious challenge I alway believe and trust that small steps are the best path to succeed. You can’t expect to climb K2 or a marathon if you don’t have training. Preparation is key. Mind set. Belief and trust.  I have faith and love in myself to accept defeat and try again with a different path. I read Seth Godin’s blog everyday. I have his blog at the top of my RSS feeds in Google Reader. There’s a couple posts he’s written about lately that really reaches me. Brings me a new understanding. Better than Nothing and Your Smile Didn’t Matter. In my personal life as well as my professional life. From my trips to Arizona recently. Holga fine art.