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Placerville wedding photographers / Erika & Will

Last month initiated the “real” beginning of my 2011 wedding season as Placerville wedding photographers wedding of  Erika & Will’s in Coloma and Placerville. The ceremony was held at the Emmanuel Church in Coloma, with the reception at the Placerville Shakespeare Club in Placerville. This was my first visit to Coloma (the home to the California Gold Rush and the first California post office) and I am definitely in extreme “wow, wow, this place is so fun!!!”. So many things to photograph. The buildings, the docents, the Spring weather. When I went for Erika and Will’s wedding last month, the mustard was in complete bloom, and I reflected Will’s idea of doing some photographs in the mustard. I believe I definitely fell in love with Will that day. I love when my wedding couples reflect my ideas for locations for some cool portraiture. I went back to explore Coloma a bit more this past Saturday, to take a break from the cold and snow weather we’re still having up here. The dandelions are in bloom down there, and I spent most of the day in Coloma talking with the docents, capturing some photographs (reminder! Send film to lab today!!!), and honestly just enjoying the weather. I didn’t nearly take as many photographs as I wanted, so of course, I’m going back very soon.

There was a site the other day I was looking at, just to get my weekly Internet surfing out of the way. The author of the site was going to write about wedding photojournalism in his blog post, but decided not to instead linking to a photographer’s site who he says photographs very photojournalistically. While this other’s site had very very nice work, no doubt about it, I had to question the “wedding photojournalism” part. I personally don’t consider brides and grooms in a very posed position looking at the camera or looking at each other with the look on their faces said to me they were told to do that etc. I guess it’s all in eye of the perception. I know whenever I, along with my fellow staffers, were asked to judge a photojournalism contest, my view was usually very different from the others. “Wedding Photojournalism” is definitely perceived different by most people. I typically perceive wedding photojournalism as complete “fly on the wall” style, no direction of subjects, just documenting the day as it unfolds. I know a few photographers who photograph like this, and it amazes me. Quite wild and very much like they were given a news assignment, and documented as such. Most of the time in weddings I photograph, I usually capture portraiture of some sort. I like photographing the portraiture. But I also like the quintessentially (my current favorite word!) aspects of each couple I photograph. Some movement that they do that says to me, “This is the iconic moment that defines them as a couple”. Typically it’s a moment or movement completely non-directed, as in a couple of the images with Erika and Will, I’ll say, “Let’s go over here and photograph, or let’s stay within this light,” but most of the time with the photographs of the couple themselves, I don’t them how to pose, I just let them interact, and wait for the quintessential moment of them. With Will and Erika, I found I loved how obvious his adoration of Erika was so apparent.  A few of my favorites from Erika & Will’s wedding. I think only one is completely posed, while all the others are real moments within the posing. Can you tell what is quintessentially Erika & Will?