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One thing that has amazed me since I moved to the Tahoe area….errrr…..people I work with at Royal how healthy they eat….These guys are definitely teaching me a thing or two about flax seeds, spirulina, vegetable juicing…etc. It amazes me…well…to begin with..Happy New Year! This is the year to find a path, figure a way to make it work, and make it happen….I’m slowly working on it, but right now, having too much fun classic cross country skiing and learning how to skate ski..and enjoying the company of those I work with Royal Gorge…these two guys…Josh lives at the Ice Lakes house where I stayed one night and will not probably stay again…It was too loud for me..and the Spruce House where Sean lives. Sean works in Ski School with me..but he’s been injured…so currently he’s helping out in Rentals. Oh yeah…I didn’t mention that I teach little kids how to cross country ski. It’s really fun actually…I never thought I would feel capable or worthy enough to teach little kids…but thus far, most of them get it…and are enjoying it…

One photo from one of my travels towards Devil’s Peak at Royal Gorge.