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I’ve spent the past couple days hanging out with my friend Jessica in San Francisco. While she’s off torturing herself at the Bay to Breakers this morning, I’ll take a relaxing morning to collect my thoughts over the past couple days and head down to the Sports Basement before exerting myself at a photography lighting class in Sunnyvale.

I photographed an amazing couple yesterday, Charisse and Caryn, at a beautiful small and intimate location in Castro Valley called the Westover Vineyards and Winery. They both loved to dance and sing, so soon I’ll post a few frames from their wedding.

I tell you though it was very hot, I’m thinking around 90 yesterday. Kind of weather you don’t want to move around too fast in. When Jessica and walked down to Pacific Catch for dinner last night, it was still incredibly warm. Don’t get warm weather like this too often in San Francisco.

Jessica and I decided to play around with her new kitten (who’s now 3 months), Elko yesterday and Friday. Cute kitten, crazy as all hell. Cat won’t settle down for an instant. We decided we’d teach him how to endure his harness and being leashed. He wouldn’t be walked, so I tied the leash to the chair to see if we could at least get him used to it. Nope, he tied himself up. And a frame of him scanning the world perched next to the window.